Towarowa 39 street, Poznań

residential and office complex Towarowa 39 in Poznań

24 july 2018

Business Garden Wrocław

Business Garden Wrocław office hub

05 march 2018

TDT Warsaw

TDT, office-hotel building

12 january 2018

Business Garden Poznań II

Business Garden Poznań II

25 august 2017

Nowogrodzka Square

Nowogrodzka Square office building.

16 may 2017

Business Plaza Szczecin

Business Plaza Szczecin

16 may 2017

P4 office complex - end of work

Opal finishes elevation work at P4 office complex.

16 may 2017


Residential and office complex Koneser Centrum Praskie in Warsaw.

16 may 2017

PEGAZ Wrocław

Opal finished the assembly works on the PEGAZ building in Wrocław, Poland. The project’s investor is UBM, while the general contractor is PORR Polska.

30 june 2016