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OPAL – glass facades from the 21st century

Modern elevations and facades require innovative solutions and high-quality materials at a competitive price with universal application and impeccable aesthetics.

OPAL, with their head office in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Poland, offers its Clients up-to-date products that meet the needs and requirements of the 21st century.

Our high-qualified engineer team use high-tech world-class solutions. We cooperate with passionate and dedicated professionals (general contractors and renowned architects).

Thanks to the excellent, high-quality products and the best specialists, we create unique and exceptional building facades.


DSV Warsaw

DSV Warsaw

DSV Warsaw - Shared Service Center

16 kwietnia 2019
Towarowa 39 street, Poznań

Towarowa 39 street, Poznań

residential and office complex Towarowa 39 in Poznań

24 lipca 2018
Business Garden Wrocław

Business Garden Wrocław

Business Garden Wrocław office hub

05 marca 2018

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